Working Together


Just call us when your outside our door (907) 575-4557

We Are Open - Please Call For An Appointment
Throughout each day we regularly disinfect metal and glass surfaces.  As far as the wood dust, well - this is a woodshop, so your having a mask is a good thing.

We appreciate our walk-in customers being space considerate of others visiting and working in our small shop. At a minimum:

  • Please do not enter if you have a persistent cough or sneezing.  Best to go home.
  • Please keep your mask handy to put on in case you feel the need to cough or sneeze suddenly and do so into your arm and
  • Your setting any not-purchased items on the floor and let us know you are leaving.  You are welcome to return at a later date or have your friend or relative purchase  those items for you after we have sprayed with Lysol and set aside .

We appreciate and thank you for your business during these changing times.