Kiln Services



Our Kiln is capable of 20'8" lengths with a 2800+ board foot capacity.  It's ability to dry wood uses a programmable de-humidification system capable of temperatures exceeding 135 degrees Fahrenheit to sterilize fungus, mold and kill insects.  Our kiln is available year round.

Our knowledge base of properly drying wood is always improving and we provide a few care tips to better insure your purchase of kiln dried wood.

  • Using "green" wood to build with will always result in disaster over a short period of time.
  • The recommended moisture content of wood should be matched as closely as is practical to the equilibrium moisture content (EMC) conditions of where it will be placed in service.
  • Beings wood is a product of nature, the differing grains and knots all dry differently.  We strive to bring our kiln lumber MC to a range of single digit to mid teens.